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About the Directory

The CCPPP Directory lists details concerning predoctoral and postdoctoral training programs holding memberships in the Canadian Council of Professional Psychology Programs (CCPPP). Contact information for academic programs is also listed. The directory is intended for use by graduate students in professional psychology programs who are seeking internships and by directors of these programs as they advise their students in planning for advanced training.

Members of the Canadian Council of Professional Psychology Programs have agreed to abide by the APPIC Match Policies (adopted July 8, 2004). Further information on match policies and procedures can be found on the APPIC ( and National Matching Services ( websites. This agreement extends to participation in the APPIC Computer Match as endorsed by the CCPPP membership at the Annual General Meeting, June 1998. Students applying for internships that participate in the APPIC Computer Match will be asked to complete the APPIC Application for Psychology Internship form. A copy of this form is available from the APPIC website.

The publication of the Internship Directory is one of the ways in which the CCPPP attempts to fulfill its mandate of promoting excellence in professional psychology training in Canada. Information was obtained directly from the directors of member programs and is assumed to be accurate at the time of publication. Programs should be contacted directly for detailed information not covered in this directory. The Executive Council hopes that this Directory is useful to you, and we welcome feedback about ways it may be improved.

APPIC Computer Match Policies

APPIC has a detailed set of policies with respect to participation in the computer match of internship applicants with internship programs. Programs and students that participate in the computer match MUST adhere to these policies. These policies can be also quickly accessed via