Le Conseil canadien des programmes
de psychologie professionnelle
Conseil exécutif

Conseil exécutif du CCPPP



Dr. Sara Hagstrom

Northern Ontario Psychology

Internship Consortium

Email: hagstros@tbh.net

Past President

Dr. Brent Hayman-Abello

London Health Sciences Centre

Email:  brent.haymanabello@lhsc.on.ca

President Elect


To be filled at next election


Dr. Cathy Costigan

University of Victoria

Email: costigan@uvic.ca


Dr. Susan Jerrott

IWK Community Mental Health Bedford/Sackville

Cobequid Health Centre

Email: Susan.Jerrott@iwk.nshealth.ca

Member at Large

Dr. Rupal Bonli

Saskatoon Regional Health Authority

Email: Rupal.Bonli@saskatoonhealthregion.ca

Member at Large

Dr. Lesley Lutes

University of British Columbia Okanagan Campus

Email: lesley.lutes@ubc.ca

Student Representative

Ms. Brooke Beatie

University of Manitoba

E-mail: studentmember@ccppp.ca


CCPPP Representative on Canadian Psychological Association Board of Directors

Dr. Kerri Ritchie





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