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Psychology in Canada

Effectiveness and efficacy of psychological treatments

Cost effectiveness of psychological services


ACPRO Position Statement - National Standard -November 2014.pdf

Member Data

CCPPP internship program database 2015.xlsx

CCPPP 2007 Course Release Survey

Survey of Accredited Academic Clinical Doctoral Program Directors on Course Release for Duties – January, 2007

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CCPPP Mentorship Program

Mentors are available to support the development of a new program working towards Accreditation, preparing for Site Visits, or re-Accreditation. Contact Mike Teschuk if you would like a mentor of be willing to be a mentor

General Resources

Supervision Resources

Practice Based Psychotherapy Research and Tools

Clinical Neuropsychology

The Association for Internship Training Clinical Neuropsychology

Houston Conference Guidelines

American Board of Professional Psychology

Trainee Interpersonal Competence

The Comprehensive Evaluation of Student-Trainee Competence in Professional Psychology Programs

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Internship Recruitment

Guiding Principles in Internship Preparation and Selection

At the June 2007 annual general meeting of CCPPP a motion that member programmes of CCPPP adopt these guidelines was carried.

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Guidelines for Letters of Recommendation

CCPPP Form/Guidelines for Letters of Recommendation to Canadian Pre-Doctoral Internship Settings

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Council of Chairs of Training Councils (CCTC) Voluntary Guidelines for Communication

Guidelines for Communication between Graduate Programs and Internship Programs

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