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Applications are welcome for membership in the Canadian Council of Professional Psychology Programs.

Benefits of membership:

  • Inclusion in and receipt of the annual CCPPP Membership Directory in which all member programs' training directors are listed, along with detailed information about internship programs. This directory facilitates training directors’ communication and is also a useful resource for academic programs' students when they are applying for internship.
  • Listing on the CCPPP website, with links to member programs' websites.
  • Access to a members-only, training director listserv for consultation on issues relevant to professional psychology training.
  • Annual receipt of two CCPPP newsletters that address issues relevant to training.
  • An annual training-focused pre-conference workshop at CPA, subsidized by CCPPP.
  • Eligibility to participate in the APPIC computer match for predoctoral internships who are not APPIC member
  • Mentorship Program available to support the development of a new program, working towards accreditation, preparing for site visits, or re-accreditation.

Eligibility for membership:

Canadian university-based academic programs or Canadian internship programs in Clinical Psychology, Counselling Psychology, Clinical Neuropsychology, or School Psychology will be considered.

Detailed membership criteria are available here: CCPPP Internship Membership Criteria.pdf

Procedures for applying for membership:

Applications for membership shall be directed to the President, in written or electronic format.

  • Applications should include the following:
    • Completed CCPPP application form, either Academic or Internship as appropriate.
    • The applicant program’s brochure, which should either include or be supplemented by a list of the program’s training supervisors and their qualifications.
  • Upon receipt of a complete application:
    • The application will be reviewed at the next meeting of the Executive Committee to determine the program’s eligibility for membership.
    • Candidates who are accepted will receive a letter from the President of the Executive, welcoming them to the organization. Rejected applicants will also receive a letter, including reasons for the decision. They are welcome to appeal the decision of the Executive at the next CCPPP Annual General Meeting.
  • Membership is for a one-year period, renewable on payment of fees in each subsequent year.
  • The current annual membership fee is $225.00.
  • Members may cancel their membership at any time through written notification to the President.
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