National Training Seminar Series

The CCPPP is thrilled to sponsor an exceptional lineup of speakers and topics for its’ National Training Seminar Series. See our Events page to register for upcoming events. Content and videos from past seminars are posted below, where available.

Note: unless otherwise specified, all presentations and materials are in English.

Série de séminaires de formation nationaux programmés

Le CCPPP est ravi de proposer, dans le cadre de sa série de séminaires de formation nationaux, une gamme exceptionnelle de conférenciers et de sujets. Consultez notre page Événements pour vous inscrire aux événements à venir. Lorsqu’ils sont disponibles, le contenu et les vidéos des séminaires précédents sont affichés ci-dessous. Remarque : sauf indication contraire, toutes les présentations et tous les documents sont en anglais.


October 13, 2023 (12-2pm, EST): Dr. Karlee Fellner - Indigenous wisdoms for psychology: decolonizing and (re)storying toward ethical practice with iyiniwak


While the field of psychology continues to strive toward greater cultural sensitivity, safety, and relevance, current approaches to research, education, and practice remain grounded primarily in dominating Euro Western approaches. These approaches perpetuate colonial narratives and practices in assessment, diagnosis, conceptualization, and treatment, limiting clinical effectiveness with iyiniwak (Indigenous people). This workshop draws on community-based iyiniw (Indigenous) research and national reports, including the CPA & PFC Task Force Report (2018), engaging attendees in understanding how they may better serve iyiniw people, from iyiniw perspectives. Participants will learn how to begin (re)storying colonial narratives of pathology using iyiniw counter narratives of survivance, resilience, resistance, and resurgence that support iyiniwak and communities in individual and collective wellness, balance, and harmony.

Speaker Bio:

Dr. Karlee Fellner is a citizen of the Métis Nation of Alberta, founder and CEO of maskihkiy wellness ( and is an Associate Professor in Counselling Psychology-Indigenous Education at the University of Calgary. Dr. Fellner is a prominent scholar activist who has been part of critical initiatives in the field of psychology and beyond, including CPA and PFC’s national task force and Alberta’s (CAP and PAA’s) provincial working group on addressing the TRC in psychology; ASPPB’s Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (EDI) Task Force; the EDI review panel for the Canada Research Chair program; and was on the coordinating team for the 2019 and 2022 National Multicultural Conference & Summit in the United States. Dr. Fellner’s areas of interest include Indigenous approaches to therapy and trauma work; Indigenous research, curriculum and pedagogy; culturally appropriate counselling; complex trauma; and holistic and traditional approaches to wellness. Dr. Fellner upholds Indigenous community priorities in all aspects of her work, engaging in transformative research and community development. She strives to nurture diversity in her work in hopes that students will feel empowered and supported bringing their diverse ways of knowing, being, and doing into their scholarship and practice.

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February 9, 2024 (12-2pm EST): Dr. Rachelle Pullmer -  Changing the Way We Think and Talk About Our Bodies: The Multifaceted Nature of Body Image and Its Role in Eating Disorder Recovery


Body image is a multidimensional construct that plays an important role in the development and maintenance of eating disorders. This seminar will review the construct of body image, and the ways in which body image can be targeted from both a preventative and interventional standpoint. Clinical barriers that arise in patients with severe and enduring eating disorders will also be reviewed.

Speaker Bio:

Dr. Rachelle Pullmer is a clinical psychologist and day treatment program coordinator at the St. Paul’s Hospital Provincial Adult Tertiary Specialized Eating Disorder Program. She obtained her postdoctoral fellowship at Yale School of Medicine in the Program for Obesity, Weight, and Eating Research. She trained as a clinical resident at St. Joseph’s Healthcare Hamilton, where she completed a double major in behavioural medicine/health psychology and eating disorders, as well as a minor in trauma- and stressor-related disorders. Dr. Pullmer completed her PhD and MA in clinical psychology at Simon Fraser University. Her doctoral program of research, funded by the CIHR Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarship, focused on the role of self-compassion in adolescent body satisfaction and eating pathology.

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May 10, 2024 (12-2pm EST): Dr. Judi Malone - Effective Advocacy: Your Role as Clinicians


Psychologists are uniquely trained in a vast number of areas: program development, consultation, supervision, behavioural (non-pharmacological) pain management, telehealth, cross-jurisdiction expertise, etc., that make us effective advocates. Psychologists also have natural networks and spheres of influence for advocacy, with great potential to develop core relationships with key professionals. Advocacy is not about competing with other professions. It is about focusing on the unique value, or niche “sells”, of psychology – we add value. This presentation reviews how, where, when, why, and with whom to effectively advocate in addition to how to structure key messages.

 Speaker Bio:

Dr Judi L Malone, R. Psych (AB/AUS) is the CEO of the Psychologists’ Association of Alberta. Dr Malone has a wealth of scientist-practitioner experience from clinical practice, academia, and professional association administration & advocacy. Her expertise includes trauma, the neurobiology of addictions, small communities of practice, and professional ethics. She is an adjunct with Educational Psychology at the University of Alberta.

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Dr. Josephine Tan - Social Justice and Decolonization with First Nations Clients   link to slides    link to video 

Ms. Rebecca Ponting - Overcoming Impostor Syndrome   link to slides

Dr. Michael Vallis - The Role of Behaviour Change Counselling in Chronic Disease Management  link to slides     link to video


Drs. Sara Hagstrom and Allison Ponce - CCTC Social Responsiveness Toolkit

Dr. David Klonsky - Understanding Suicide to Prevent Suicide  link to slides     link to video

Mr. Ed Sackaney and Dr. David Dantos - Allyship, Reconciliation and the Profession of Psychology   link to video

Dr. Sean Kidd - Program development, evaluation and consultation – A primer


Dr. Ada Sinacore - Human Rights and Social Justice in Psychology

Dr. Anusha Kassan and Dr. Julie Cohen - Anti-Racism  link to slides     link to video

Dr. Karen Cohen - Advocacy    link to slides

Dr. Amanda Maranzan - Ethics in Social Media   link to slides

Dr. Joanne Savoie - Transitioning from Student to Employee   link to slides    link to infographic

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