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  • Self-care in professional psychology training: Considerations for programs, faculty/staff, and trainees

Self-care in professional psychology training: Considerations for programs, faculty/staff, and trainees

  • June 23, 2021
  • 12:00 PM - 4:00 PM
  • CPA Virtual Convention 2021


As is customary, the CCPPP will host a professional development workshop at the upcoming CPA 2021 Virtual Convention. This workshop is designed for training directors of both academic programs and internship/residency sites as well as other psychologists who are interested in entering these roles in the future.

**New this year** This workshop and our AGM/Town Hall will be part of the regular program, between June 23 and 25, with no pre-convention offerings.

To register for the convention, visit https://convention.cpa.ca/. You do not need to register separately for this event.

Workshop Summary

Self-care has been described as an ethical imperative for professional psychologists; over the last year this topic has become increasingly salient for those involved in professional psychology training. Drawing from the ethical, professional, and empirical literature this workshop provides participants with an overview of the relevance of self-care through a training lens, focusing on both the program and the trainer (director/supervisor/psychologist). The primary goal of the workshop is to share resources and to further develop a self-care culture in our training programs.

The first part of the workshop will review the ethical and professional underpinnings of self-care. The workshop will provide an update on the trainee and program self-care literature, examining the role that trainers and programs can play in supporting trainee self-care. A combination of small-group discussions and reporting back to the larger group will occur to identify current practices and problem-solve common obstacles.

Building on the concept of trainers as models, the second part of the workshop will focus on self-care for trainers (directors; faculty; supervisors; etc.). The workshop will review self-care guidelines and resources for professional psychologists. Participants will engage in small-group discussions with their peers to discuss and/or further develop self-care strategies and to problem-solve common barriers to self-care.

Learning Outcomes:

This workshop is designed to enable participants to:

1. Describe the ethical and professional context of self-care.

2. Apply a training lens to the self-care literature.

3. Develop and/or update a training program strategy for self-care.

4. Review and refresh one’s own self-care strategy.

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