2022-23 Recommended Dates for Intern Interviews

June 20, 2022 5:16 PM | Susan Vandermorris (Administrator)

Given the positive feedback from students and members alike, we will continue to recommend the voluntary 2-step interview notification and booking system this coming year, as well as a recently re-organized distribution of interview scheduling.

Universal Interview Notification and Response Dates

First Friday of December: December 2, 2022 - Universal NOTIFICATION Date

That is, all applicants applying at Canadian Internship Sites will be informed of their interview status on this day. No interviews will be booked until the following Monday.

First Monday of December: December 5, 2022 - Universal RESPONSE/BOOKING date

This is the date applicants can begin contacting sites who have offered them interviews. Students can start booking their interviews with their internship sites at 11:00 am EST on Monday, December 5, 2022.

Interview Dates

Long-serving members may recall that CCPPP has previously put forward an annual regionalization schedule to simplify travel for applicants. With a shift to virtual interviewing, the recommended schedule has been adjusted. (Please login to our discussion board thread: Hogwarts Has Sorted the Internships... for background and recommended assignments.)

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